The science of engineering, building, and programming the machines that change our lives.

Robotics is the use of mechatronics (a component of mechanical engineering) to create robots, which are often utilized in industry to perform tasks that are repetitive, unpleasant, or dangerous. These robots can be of pretty much any size or shape, are normally preprogrammed, and interact physically with the world.

You'll find that robots are used extensively in industrial engineering. They allow companies to save money on labor. They are often assigned tasks too dangerous or too precise for humans to perform. They insure better quality. Many businesses employ assembly lines of robots, and some factories are so robotized that they can run by themselves.

You've probably seen them outside the factory. Robots are employed in bomb disposal, space exploration, and many other fields. Some people even have robots in their homes.

Enroll your son or daughter today. Expose them to the concepts behind building and programming the da Vinci surgical system pictured on this page. They might be the ones who create its successor.