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Read what students, parents, and others are saying about Great Minds Robotics.

The positive response to what we are doing here just blows us away. Whenever a student or parent says something cool about their experience at our learning center, we ask them to elaborate. All testimonials you see below were sparked by comments made to us before and after class.

Carolina T.

My son has never been as motivated or self absorbed in a learning topic as he is with this great program. He is fascinated and intrigued by the level of teaching and looks forward to the next class! These classes have enabled him to absorb the intricate building blocks of this computer world which is constantly changing and transforming.

Jill & Perry H.

Great Minds Learning Center is one of the most challenging and fun experiences our son has had in a long time. What he does not realize is that he is learning a valuable skill while building Robots. What child does not love to build robots and then get to watch them do what they programmed them to do? Robotics is the future for our children and what a better time to start than now.

Sammy T.

Great Minds Robotics is a place that fosters intelligence in advanced robotics in kids of all ages, I would highly recommend this one of a kind school to anyone who has the desire to be in the technical field, knows their kids or friends to desire the technical field and anyone who would like to know what the big deal is with “robotics”. Classes are structured that even the person with no prior knowledge of the material all the way to an advanced programmer will be endlessly entertained throughout the class.