What your children get out of this

A cool and interactive way to discover computer programming

Ever since your child showed an interest in computers and expressed a desire to learn more, you've likely been faced with the challenge of making the process fun and accessible. Here at Great Minds Robotics we've overcome that challenge. We teach children K-12 the concepts of object oriented programming through interaction with the incredibly cool LEGO® Mindstorms NXT robot. Every concept covered in our robotics class can be applied directly to the cutting edge, real-world programming processes in use today.

A robot for every child

Enough equipment and instruction for everyone

All students will have what they need to dive right into the experience. Every child in grades K-2 will have their own robot. Children in grades 3-12 will have their own robot and computer right in front of them. We've limited class size to create an opportunity for all in attendance to receive the instruction and attention needed to succeed at Great Minds Robotics.


Custom-tailored class size and curriculum

Enroll your child in the class that's right for them. Great Minds Robotics classes are specific to grade level. Classes for children grades K-2 with four students or less will be taught by one instructor. Larger classes of five to eight children will be paired with an instructor and an assistant. For children grades 3-12, one instructor will teach classes of six kids or less, and an assistant joins for larger classes of seven to twelve. Depth of instruction and complexity of concepts increases with grade level. Students are challenged to the threshold of interest and ability. Their reaction to success often comes out as a pure expression of excitement. It's just awesome to see that.

Come to class once or twice a week

We've scheduled our curriculum so that your child will only need to attend once a week to thoroughly benefit from our learning center. If your daughter or son wants even more immersion, take advantage of our custom-tailored robotic labs. Read more details in our curriculum section.

Progress is rewarded

Build confidence in your child and add to their sense of purpose through recognition of their efforts. Students are awarded a certificate of graduation after every level they complete at Great Minds Robotics.

Start early for best results

Our curriculum is divided into 10 levels. Students grades K-2 start at Level 1 when they join our Robotics class. Grades 3-8 Start at Level 1 in our Enhanced Robotics class unless they pass an advanced-placement exam. Students grades 9-12 join our Advanced Robotics class. What we teach is learned through thinking, understanding, and implementing. The concepts and instruction we offer are so unique that they are not discovered through day-to-day experiences or standard K-12 schooling. Enroll your child early in life so that they can benefit from everything we have to offer.

Robots combining education and fun

More than playing with robots

The LEGO® Mindstorms NXT robot is the perfect action-packed tool for combining education and fun. We've enhanced and extended the course materials that the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy created for the LEGO® Education curriculum. Give your child the benefit of learning more than how to follow step-by-step instructions to achieve a goal. Enroll them in Great Minds Robotics so they can understand what happens at each step and the reasons behind the robot's actions. This understanding can be applied directly to programming concepts.

Practical application of critical thinking

This is a chance for your child to further develop and use critical thinking. This process has the tendency to open their mind to more than one way to solve a problem. Critical thinking often fosters a clear head, the ability to save time, the confidence to make decisions, and the skills needed to see beyond personal bias. This mixture of ability and confidence can benefit your child throughout life.


Team-based contests that build confidence and respect

Here's how to have fun and learn the ways of the programming world at the same time: Your child will learn to participate in a team and compete with peers while following the guidelines of Gracious Professionalism. Students can compete against others in their class, other classes, and in much bigger competitions such as First LEGO® League. Give your child the gift of joy and satisfaction that comes from winning based on maximum effort and unparalleled integrity. Team dynamics forged within children of today by Great Minds Robotics directly enhance their future participation in the team-based programming assignments of the working world.

Girl graduate

Make it easier to get into college

Do that extra something to increase your child's chance of acceptance into a prestigious school. Enroll them at Great Minds Robotics. When it comes to higher education, admissions officers often look beyond high GPAs when reviewing applications. They take note if the potential student has done something outside of regular schooling - something that indicates interest in what is taught at their institution. If robotics, engineering and programming are something your child would do for fun, sign them up for Great Minds Robotics. We teach the concepts, skills, and values sought after by prestigious technical institutions like MIT and Carnegie Mellon. We're the place for your child to turn their interests into something that can benefit their whole life.

Open door

Open doors in the real world

Many employers know that in a world as complex as ours, it's not really possible for an applicant to already know all the answers. It's safe to say that companies will consider the person who can quickly find the best answer when it counts. Critical thinkers often outperform their peers when put to this test, regardless of job type. If their future profession includes programming, robotics, and engineering, students of Great Minds Robotics can acquire a solid foundation in object-oriented programming, mechanical engineering, teamwork, and well-developed critical thinking skills.